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This picture was taken on the last day of February of 2010, and shows the high-fire porcelain pieces thrown for Clouds Gallery of Folsom, California. Gregg throws the large pieces the Folsom pottery needs. These pieces will be trimmed and then bisqued, ready for delivery to the gallery.

Gregg teaches Ceramics both at two Earth and Fire Pottery classrooms, and taught at Mendocino College in Ukiah, California. He is also former President of the Potters Council, a national orginization devoted to helping studio potters and everyone who works in clay expand their skills and grow their businesses.

In 1982, after traveling accross America to study with Master potter Dean Strawn, Gregg found his lifes work in the art of Ceramics. Since then, he has been creating functional pottery for personal and commerical use.

"There is a certain quiet satisfaction is using an object one has created oneself. I find a quiet, meditative space when I work, throwing one shape over and over in one sitting."

"Arising out of my experiences in the counter culture movement of the 60's, which included working in and living in communes and in a Hindu spiritual community, I take the work very seriously. It was important to me to choose a lifestyle that would not cause harm to other people and that would in fact enrich others lives. I chose pottery for my form of expression because the clay felt wonderful and responded to my hands easily.  Working with clay was fun to do, challenging, and complicated. I chose it, and it chose me. I enjoy the making of things, of vessels, and especially the act of creation. To make something useful out of clay, and having it be beautiful too, reflected what it was I wanted to be and exemplify for others.  Beauty for the kitchen, to enhance and accompany one's everyday experience of giving sustenance to our own body and to that of others. This is why I still do it." - Gregg Allen Lindsely

We make forms for Potters too. See our Ceramics section for more information.


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