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Gregg Lindsley - Master Potter

Earth and Fire Pottery - making quality, hand made pottery for over 38 years.

I fell in love with throwing pots in 1976 after taking class at the Glen Echo Pottery in Maryland, where I soon became an apprentice. I then moved to Lake County California to enter into a Japanese style apprenticeship with Master Potter Dean Strawn. My first assignment was to throw 2000 pots exacty the same. That took over a year to do! Today I am a master potter in my own right, and I make functional pottery to enhace your home space with beauty and grace.

Today there is a strong movement towards healthier living, with an emphasis on being involved with the making of our own food in order to better control what we eat. To help with this, I make sauerkraut crocks, sourdough starter jars, mead/wine making crocks, casseroles, kombucha tea crocks and to help with recycling, composters.

I also make a full line of dishes to serve and enhance the food you make, as well as a few fun items like yarn bowls, soap dishes, and sponge holders.

All my work is hand thrown and to order, and i make my own glazes. I can also make virtually any piece of pottery you would like, so feel free to contact me and we can talk it over.

1/2 gallon Sauerkraut Crock with weights - $60.00

1 gallon Crock with weights - $100.00

2 gallon Crock with weights - $150.00

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